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Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher, learns he has terminal lung cancer. Desperate to secure the financial future of his family — his wife Skyler White is pregnant, his son Walter White Jr. has cerebral palsy — the 50-year-old leaves his second job at the car wash and teams up with a former student named Jesse Pinkman to make and sell meth. “You know the business. I know the chemistry,” he tells his new partner, who declares Walt “a damn artist” after sampling the first batch cooked in their Winnebago/mobile-drug-lab.

Jesse takes said sample to Domingo Gallardo “Krazy 8” Molina, cousin to Jesse’s recently busted drug-dealing partner Emilio Koyama. Emilio, out on bail and convinced Jesse ratted him out, sets up a double-cross. When a desert rendezvous with all four turns nasty, Walt creates a chemical explosion that leaves Emilio dead and Krazy-8 struggling to survive.


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